Network Settings

Network Settings

If you want to monitor the ServeRAID adapters and controllers across a network, you must switch to client/server mode.

  You can use the Network Setting dialog box to select and
connect to server using your network that contain IBM ServeRAID adapters or controllers.

To select and connect to a server:

  1. Click on the   icon on the Tool Bar or select
    Network Settings from the Options pull-down menu.
     A screen similar to the following appears.
  2.  Click on the Client/Server radio button.
  3.  If security is enabled on the server to which you are  connecting, type in your User Name and Password  as defined by the security file on the server to which  you are connecting. (Refer to 'Background-Server Component Security' for information on  the security file).
  4.  Type in either the Host Name or the TCP/IP Address  of the system, or select it from the pull-down list.

    NOTE: If your server was started on any port other than  the default (1087), after the Host Name or  TCP/6P Address that you just entered, type in a  colon and the correct port number for your  configuration (for example: ServeRAID:1088).

  5.  Click on Connect to initiate a connection with the remote system.

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