ServeRAID Mini-Configuration Program

ServeRAID Mini-Configuration Program

The ServeRAID Mini-Configuration Program is a quick way to display the current settings for the ServeRAID adapter or controller. You also can use this program to perform a limited set of the configuration functions without using the ServeRAID Configuration CD .

To access the Mini-Configuration program:

  1.  Turn on the server. If the server already is turned on, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2.  When the ServeRAID Mini-Configuration prompt appears, press Ctrl+i.
  3.  If your system contains more than one ServeRAID adapter or controller, a selection screen will appear.

     To continue:

    1.  Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to select an adapter or controller.
    2.  Press Enter.

     If your system contains only one ServeRAID adapter  or controller, or after you select a ServeRAID adapter  or controller, the Main Menu appears.

     Descriptions of the choices available from the Main  Menu of the Mini-Configuration program are as  follows:

  4.  Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to  highlight your choice, then, press Enter.
  5.  Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  6.  Click on Exit to leave the Main Menu.

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