VNET Switch Mode Configuration

VNET Switch Mode Configuration

The following information describes three configurations using the VNET switch mode.

VNET Switch Mode: Single VNET


This illustration above shows two Quad-BT PeerMaster adapters (Card 1 and Card 2) forming a single VNET.

The adapter provides the function of a high-performance network adapter combined with the power of an Ethernet switching hub.

NOTE: The same principles apply to Quad-B2 configurations, however, concentrator hubs are not required for 10Base2 operation.

The VNET switch performs all cross-segment traffic, and, therefore, server responsiveness is not impaired by heavy cross-segment traffic. The adapters perform two types of frame switching: port-to-port and peer-to-peer.

Port-to-Port Occurs when the source and destination ports both reside on the same adapter. (The adapter forwards data packets between ports 1 and 2 of adapter 1 (Card 1)).

NOTE: Port-to-port switching is completely transparent to the server microprocessor.

Peer-to-peer Occurs when the source and destination ports reside on separate adapters. Peer-to-peer switching is accomplished through peer data transfers across the Micro Channel bus. (The adapters forward data packets between port 1 of adapter 1 (Card 1) and port 1 of adapter 2 (Card 2)).

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