Using the ServeRAID Mini-Configuration Program

Using the ServeRAID Mini-Configuration Program

The ServeRAID Mini-Configuration program is a quick way to view the ServeRAID controller settings and to perform a limited set of the configuration functions. The ServeRAID Mini Configuration program is stored in read-only memory (ROM).

To access the ServeRAID Mini-Configuration program:

  1.  Start the server. If the system is already turned on,  press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the server.

     Each time the system starts, the ServeRAID  controller performs a power-on self-test (POST). The  POST checks the configuration information for the  ServeRAID controller and for the configured hard disk  drives, to see if any changes have occurred.

  2.  Press Ctrl+I immediately when a screen similar to the  following Mini-Configuration screen appears.
    Note:  In the precending figure, the version number will be replaced by the verion number of the  Mini-Configuration program, the MM/DD/YY will be replaced by the date of the version of the  Mini-Configuration program, and NNNNN will be replaced by the version number of the firmware.

  3.  If you have more than one ServeRAID controller  installed, a selection screen appears. Use the Up  Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to select the  choice, then, press Enter. Otherwise, the Main Menu  of the Mini-Configuration program appears, similar to  the following screen.
     Descriptions of the choices available from the Main Menu are as follows:

  4.  Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to highlight the choice, then, press Enter
  5.  Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  6.  Select Exit to leave the Main Menu.

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