Formatting Drives

Formatting Drives

The Format Drive feature provides a low-level format on a hard disk drive. If you install a new hard disk drive that requires a standard format, use the operating system Format command to format the drive. You can use the Format Drive feature to low-level format hard disk drives that are in the Ready (RDY), Empty (EMP), Standby (SBY), Standby Hot-Spare (SHS), or Hot-Spare (HSP) states. This feature can low-level format multiple drives simultaneously.

To perform a low-level format:

  1.  Start the ServeRAID Configuration program (see 'Starting the ServeRAID Configuration Program').
  2.  Select Advanced Functions from the Main Menu,  then, press Enter.
  3.  Select IBM RAID Subsystem Diagnostic from the  next menu, then, press Enter.

     You can perform a low-level format on more than one  drive at a time.

       A low-level format erases all data and programs  from the hard disk drive. Before proceeding,  back up any data and programs that you want to save.

  4.  Select Format Drive, then, press Enter.

    Note:  If formatting is interrupted, the state of the drive  being formatted might appear as Empty (EMP) in  the Array/Bay selection list. If this occurs, select  the drive and format it again.

  5.  Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.  When a message similar to Formatting Complete  appears, press Esc to return to the Main Menu.

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