Physical Device Administration

Physical Device Administration

This section contains instructions for setting physical device states and rebuilding drives using the ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring utility program.

Setting Physical Device States: Physical devices always appear in one of the following defined states, but you can easily redefine them into another state.

The following table shows the valid device states and valid alternative states.

     Device States    Alternate States
     EMP              RDY SBY
     SBY              RDY EMP HSP SHS
     DHS              EMP HSP SHS
     SHS              HSP DHS
     DDD              ONL RBL
     RDY              EMP HSP SHS SBY
     HSP              RDY SHS DHS
     ONL              DDD
     RBL              DDD ONL

To change the physical device state:

  1.  Select the device from the Main Screen of the Administration and Monitoring utility program.

     A screen similar to the following appears.

  2.  Click on the radio button that indicates the desired state.

  3.  Note: If you set a DDD drive to ONL without performing a Rebuild (RBL)  operation and that drive is part of a critical (CRT) logical drive, the server might lose data.

  4.  Click on Set Device State.

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