Synchronizing Logical Drives

Synchronizing Logical Drives

The purpose of synchronizing logical drives is to compute and write the parity data on the selected RAID level 5 logical drives. Synchronizing a RAID level 1 logical drive copies the data from the primary disk to the mirrored disk.

RAID level 5 logical drives are automatically synchronized when you initialize them. You do not need to synchronize RAID level 0 or 1 logical drives before storing data. Also, the data scrubbing feature of the ServeRAID controller continuously reads all sections of RAID level 1 and RAID level 5 logical drives 'in the background' while the system is running. If a defective sector is found, it is automatically repaired. As a result, you no longer have to synchronize RAID level 1 and RAID level 5 logical drives on a weekly basis.

Synchronizing a logical drive verifies that the data redundancy for the logical drive is correct. For RAID level 5, the parity bit is computed and then written to the parity drive.

To synchronize a logical drive:

  1.  Select the logical drive that you want to synchronize  from the Main Screen of the Administration and  Monitoring utility program.

     A screen similar to the following appears.

  2.  Click on Synchronize to synchronize the drive
     The synchronization process begins and reports progress information on the screen.
    Note: Only active synchronization command can be active at a time

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