Dialout Entry Information Group

Dialout Entry Information Group

To edit or create a Dialout Entry:

  1.  In the Name field, type the name of the person or system that  the alert will be forwarded to. The information in the Name field  is strictly for your use in identifying the Dialout Entry. If you are  editing a previously configured Dialout Entry, select the entry that  you want to edit from the Name selection list.
  2.  In the Number field, type the telephone number that will be  dialed by the Advanced Systems Management Adapter.
  3.  In the PIN field, type the personal identification number required  by your alphanumeric pager provider. This field will be active  only if you select Alpha-numeric in the Type field.
  4.  From the Type selection list, select the type of connection the  Advanced Systems Management Adapter will attempt to make in  order to forward the event notification. You can select Numeric  (for standard pagers), Alpha-numeric (for alphanumeric pagers),  or Netfinity (for connecting to a remote Netfinity system).
  5.  Check the Entry Enabled check box to activate this Dialout  Entry. If the Entry Enabled check box is not checked, no  dialouts will be made to this entry.
  6.  Select dialout events from the Enabled Alerts Dialout group. If  any of the checked events occur, the Advanced Systems  Management Adapter will dial out to the telephone number  specified in the Number field and forward an alert describing the  event using the method selected in the Type field. For more  detailed information about dialout events, see 'Enabled Alerts Dialout Group'.
  7.  Click on Apply/Add to save these settings.

To remove a previously configured Dialout Entry, select the name of the entry from the Name selection list and then select Delete.

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