The Dial-In Settings Group

The Dial-In Settings Group

Use the selections available in the Dial-In Settings group to enable or disable dial-in support, and to enable users to dial in and access the Advanced Systems Management Adapter. The Dial-In Settings group contains the following items.

Item    Description
User profile to    Use the spin buttons to select the user profile you want
   configure    to configure. This service supports up to six separate
     user profiles.
   Login ID    Type in this field the login ID that will be used by the
     remote user. Up to 12 Login IDs can be configured.
     (This field is case sensitive.)
     Note: A Login ID must be specified to remotely access
     the Advanced Systems Management Adapter.
   Set Password    A password must be provided along with the Login ID
     to allow a remote user to access the Advanced
     Systems Management Adapter. After providing a Login
     ID, click on Set Password to open the Set Password
     window. (This field is case sensitive.)
   Last login    Shows the date and time of the last successful login by a remote user.
   Read only    If the Read only access check box is checked, the
   access    users whose profile is selected will not be able to alter
     any of the Advanced Systems Management Adapter
     settings when access is granted. The user will,
     however, be able to see all currently configured settings
     and values except passwords.
   Dial back    If the Dial back enabled check box is checked, the
   enabled    Advanced Systems Management Adapter will
     automatically terminate the connection as soon as the
     user whose profile is selected logs in, and will then use
     the telephone number that is entered in the Number
     field to dial out and attempt to connect with a remote system.

If necessary, select Modem to access the Modem Settings window (see 'Modem Settings'). From the Modem Settings window you can specify modem settings and dialing settings.

To create a new Login ID for a remote user:

  1.  In the Login ID field, type the ID that will be used by the remote  user. This ID can be up to 8 characters.
  2.  Remote users must provide a password along with a Login ID in  order to access the Advanced Systems Management Adapter.
     Select Set Password to open the Set Password window.

     From the Set Password window:

    1.  In the Enter Password field, type a password.

      Note: This password must be 5-8 characters in length and  must contain at least one (1) non-alphanumeric character.

    2.  In the Re-enter Password field, type the same password  that you typed in the Enter Password field.
    3.  Click on OK to save this password and close the Set Password window.

  3.  Click on Apply to save the new user ID.  To delete the currently selected Login ID:
  4.  Use the spin buttons beside the User ID to configure field to  select a previously configured User profile.
  5.  Click on the Login ID field.
  6.  Using the Backspace or Delete key, delete the currently  displayed Login ID.
  7.  Click on Apply to remove the user ID.

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