Installing the Repeater Kit in a Netfinity 7000 TOWER-Model Server

Installing the Repeater Kit in a Netfinity 7000 Tower Model Server

  1.  Prepare the server

    1.  Open the server front door.
    2.  Turn off the server power.
    3.  Disconnect all external cables and power cords.
    4.  Loosen the two -1- top-cover screws on the back edge of the top cover.

    5.  Slide the top cover -2- sligtly toward the rear of the server, the cover will stop  after about 2.5cm (1 inch).
    6.  Lift the cover off the server and set the cover aside.
    7.  Loosen the four shuttle-retention screws on the back side of the server and slide the  shuttle toward the backof the server.

  2.  Install the repeater adapters.

     For ease of installation, install one repeater at a time.

    1.  Remove the air baffle -1-.

    2.  Using long-nosed pliers, unclip the two retention clips -1- holding the SCSI cable on the backplane.

    3.  Disconnect the SCSI cable -3- from the SCSI backplane.
    4.  Disconnect the other end of the SCSI cable from the SCSI controller.
    5.  Plug the repeater adapter -1- onto the backplane.

    6.  Using long-nosed pliers, carefully snap the retention clips -2- onto the repeater adapter.

  3.  If the server is transported with the repeater adapter installed, the nylon shipping screw must  be installed. Complete steps 3a to 3d.

     If the server is not being transported, go to step 4.

    1.  Label each hard disk drive with its bank and bay position.

        Important: Be sure to complete this step because you must reinstall
       the drives in the same locations.

    2.  Remove all the hard disk drives from the SCSI bank.
    3.  Thread the nylon screw through the hole in the back of the SCSI bank and into the repeater adapter standoff.  Do not overtighten the screw.

    4.  Reinstall the hard disk drives into the same positions from which they were removed.

  4.  Refer to the backplane layout, then plug in the backplane jumpers as shown below.

    Note: The figure shows the SCSI backplanes from the rear of the server.


     Plug the jumper on pins 5 and 6 to set the SCSI IDs to high, starting from SCSI ID 8  (bay 1, top) to SCSI ID D (bay 6, bottom)


     Plug the jumper on pins 3 and 4 to disable termination of the repeater adapter.

  5.  Repeat step 2b through step 4 for the second repeater adapter.
  6.  Install the chaining cable.

    1.  Connect two chaining cable connectors -1- to the two repeater adapters you just installed.

    2.  Using long-nosed pliers, carefully snap the retention clips -2- onto the chaining cable connectors.
    3.  Connect the other end of the chaining cable to the SCSI controller.

  7.  Complete the installation.

  8.  Replace the air baffle -1-.

      Important: If the air baffle is not installed correctly, the server will overheat.
     Make certain that the edges of the air baffle fit inside the shuttle-support rails -2-.

  9.  Slide the shuttle -3- toward the front of the server and tighten the four retention screws.

    1.  Replace the top cover and tighten the two top-cover screws -4-.
    2.  Reconnect all the server cables.
    3.  Turn on the server power.
    4.  Close the server front door.

The server backplane repeater kit installation is complete.

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