SCSI Tests (Adaptec) Diskette

  SCSI Tests (Adaptec) Diskette

The following information supports the diagnostic tests on the SCSI Test (Adaptec) diskette.
(Form number S430-6816-00) 


Running the Test:

To start SCSI Test (Adaptec) Diskette, do the following.

  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Insert the SCSI Test (Adaptec) Diskette into diskette drive A:
  3.  Power-on the computer. The following menu is displayed:

                  SCSI TEST MENU
               0) EXIT
               1) SCSI Tests (Standard mode)
               2) SCSI Tests (Advanced mode)

    Note: If you start the test in advanced mode, a warning screen is displayed to warn you  that due to the nature of the test functions available in this mode, data loss may occur.

  4.  Select the mode you want to run, then press Enter See 'SCSI Test Modes'
  5.  Select the SCSI device you want to test. See 'Selecting a SCSI Device'.

    Note: If the SCSI bus scan fails to find a device that you know is installed  in the computer and you want to test it, see 'Manually Selecting a SCSI Device'.

  6.  Select the test you want to run.

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