Parts Listing (Type 3518)

PC Server Enterprise Expansion Enclosure (Type 3518)

  SCSI / RAID Cable - Connectors

Index    FRU P/N
1 Base Frame (4x CD-ROM)    06H8685
2 Information Display Assembly    82G3614
   Display Panel Support    06H7961
3 I/O Panel Die Cast  
   (Additional Micro Channel Blanks)    06H8657
4 I/O Flex Plate    06H8627
5 Fan Mounting Support    82G3618
6 Right Side Door    82G3594
7 Fan Assembly    82G3616
8 Pedestal Wheel    82G3609
9 470 Watt Power Supply    06H3589
   220 Watt Power Supply Upgrade    06H3237
10 System Board (Planar)    06H8625
11 Pedestal    82G3608
12 DASD Tray - Hot Swap (Wide)    06H8631
   (16-bit / incl. LED & Switch)  
   DASD-Tray - Address (8-4-2-1) Cable    06H7691
   Screws, Hot Swap HDD to Carrier (4x)    1147429
   DASD Tray - Hot Swap (Narrow) - Optional    07H0744
   (For Option 70G8492)  
   13 Hard Disk Drive - Optional  
14 Front Bezel with Shield (4x CD-ROM)    06H9379
15 Keylock with Keys    82G3606
16 DASD Door    82G3596
17 IBM Logo (R)    82G3601
18 5.25-inch Blank Bezel (4x CD-ROM)    06H8684
19 Diskette Drive Bezel    06H8670
20 Rubber Dome Switch Pad    06H7873
21 Control Panel Bezel    82G3607
22 Control Panel Card Assembly    75H7652
   Backplane Power-Terminator    03K9283
4mm DAT Autoloader - Optional    06H7514
    Control Panel Cable Jumper    06H8663
    DASD Mounting Plate    82G3602
    Hinges with Screws    82G3600
    Hot Swap Back Plane Assembly (06H8629)    76H2671
    Hot Swap Cam Spring, Shaft/Knob    07H0498
Miscellaneous Parts Kit    82G3611
    ° Screws (4x)  
    ° Lock Pawl (1x)  
    ° EMI Ground Clip (4x)  
    ° System Board Mounting Clip (2x)  
    ° C2 Spring (1x)  
Miscellaneous Parts Kit (Backplane)    07H0745
    ° Jumpers (4x)  
    ° Screws (4x)  
    ° Standoff (4x)  

Cables (Type 3518)


Index    FRU P/N
1 System Status Cable 1x4  
   (with 4 connectors)    82G3617
2 Hard Disk Drive Power Cable 2x  
   (with 2 connectors)    06H8640
3 Hard Disk Drive Power Cable 2x short  
   (with 2 connectors)    06H8641
4 SCSI-Fast/Wide Cable 1x short  
   (with 1 connector) (FRU 06H7958)    06H7957
C2 Cable with Switch    82G3612
    Fan Cable Assembly    06H7870
    Information Display Cable    06H8679
Hot Swap Back Plane Chaining - Optional  
   Backplane Daisy Chain Cable 200mm (8.5-Inch)  
   (Backplane to Backplane cable)    06H8644
    DASD ID Cable - Optional  
   (for Option No. 96G3055, 94G3057, 94G3052)    07H1696
    DASD ID Cable  
   (for Option No. 71G9743)    06H8664
    4x Non-Hot Swap SCSI Cable - Optional    06H8647
SCSI-2 F/W Repeater Card (Option)  
   (OPT P/N 94G7585)    07L8624
    SCSI-2 F/W Enhanced Repeater Card    93H6409
    Card Bracket Kit  
   (for 07L8624, 93H6409)    75H9840

For Power Cord FRU P/N see > Power Cable

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