Assigning Specific Device Types (9306-900)

Assigning Specific Device Types

In situations where one or more servers need a special type of monitor device, it might be necessary to assign that device type to the port number associated with the server.

Note: When tiering, you must make the primary selector switch aware of the secondaries through the assingnment.

Assign a device type as follows:
  1.  Press the Print Screen key.
  2.  Press the F2 key to display the Advanced Menu screen.  Press the Right Arrow (>) key to move the highlighting to the Setup menu.
  3.  Using the Up Arrow (  ) and Down Arrow (  ) keys, move the highlight to Devices and press the Enter key. The following menu appears.

          |  Device Settings
          |  Port         Monitor
          |  1            SVGA
          |  2            SVGA
          |  3            8515
          |  4            SVGA
          |  5            Default
          |  6            Default
          |  7            Default
          |  8            8port

  4.  To assign a monitor type, highlight the port you want and use the  + or - keys to select the value that corresponds to the particular monitor.  To assign a secondary selector switch to a port, highlight the port and use the  + or - keys to obtain the appropriate 8port value.
  5.  Press the Enter key to save the settings. Press Esc at any time  before pressing Enter to cancel the operation.
  6.  Press Esc to remove the Advanced Menu from the screen.

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