Assigning Unique Names to Servers (9306-900)

Assigning Unique Names to Servers

Unique names can be given to servers and secondary selector switches.

To assign names:
  1.  Press the Print Screen key
  2.  Press F2 key to display the Advanced Menu screen.  Press the Right Arrow (>) keys to move the highlight to the Setup Menu.
  3.  Using the Up Arrow (  ) and Down Arrow (  ) keys, move  the highlighting to Names and press the Enter key. The  Port Naming menu appears, as shown below.

          |  Port Naming
          |  Port        Name
          |  1          MAGIC
          |  2          CENTRALOFC
          |  3          SALES - C
          |  4          SALES - B
          |  5          SALES - A
          |  6          DOWNTOWN
          |  7          FOREIGN
          |  8

  4.  Move the highlighting to the Port entry for which the server  name is entered or changed. Type in the name of the server using up to 12  alphanumeric characters.

    Note: Legal characters are A-Z, 0-9, and the dash character. Lowercase  letters are converted to uppercase. Press the Backspace key to delete an incorrect entry.

  5.  If necessary, repeat step 4 for each of the servers that are to be named.
  6.  Press the Enter key to save the server names in nonvolatile RAM. Press Esc  at any time before pressing Enter to cancel the operation.
  7.  To exit, press Esc

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