Configuring the Selector Switch (9306-900)

Configuring the Selector Switch

No configuration is necessary for normal switch operation.

Switch configuration can be performed to:

Switching Among Servers

To switch among servers:

Note: One depression of the Print Screen key starts the switching process. To print a screen, depress the Print Screen key twice.

     |  Port   Name
     |  1     Magic +
     |  2     CentralOfc +
     |  3     Sales - C +
     |  4     Sales - B
     |  5     Sales - A +
     |  6     Downtown
     |  7     Foreign +
     |  8
     | F1 Help       F2 Advanced

Using the Up Arrow (  ) and Down Arrow (  ), select the server you want to switch to, or press the numeric key that corresponds to the server's port number and then press Enter.

The symbols after the Port or Name columns on the menu shows the status of the port as follows:

Type of Symbol Symbol Meaning
Plus + Server
connected and
Asterisk * Secondary
selector switch
connected and

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