Ethernet Subsystem Error Messages

  Ethernet Subsystem Error Messages


  1.  The following error messages may be displayed if 'Network' is selected  in the startup sequence of the Configuration/Setup Utility program.
  2.  The following error messages are available only with the integrated Ethernet subsystem.  These error messages are not available when RPL (remote program load) or DHCP (dynamic host  configuration protocol) is used through optional network adapters.

RPL-Related Error Messages

If a failure condition occurs after the Ethernet controller is initialized, an error message appears on the screen.

The two most common error messages are:

       RPL-ROM-ERR:  105
       The integrated Ethernet failed the loopback test.
       RPL-ROM-ERR:  107
       Media test failed; check the cable.

Error 105 indicates that a power-on diagnostic test performed by the Ethernet module did not execute correctly. If this error message appears, you must have the server serviced.
Error 107 indicates that the cable from the LAN is not securely connected to the Ethernet port on the computer. Check the cable to ensure that it is properly connected.

The following list contains other error codes that might occur, followed by a description of the error code.

NOTE: An x value that follows an error code represents any alphanumeric character.

Error Code Messages  
RPL-ROM-ERR: 100    The integrated Ethernet controller cannot be found
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 101    The integrated Ethernet controller was unable to intialize
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 102    The integrated Ethernet controller could not be reset
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 103    There are multiple Ethernet controllers or adapters in the
     system. Specify the correct serial number in the NET.CFG file
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 104    The integrated Ethernet controller EEPROM is faulty
     or not present
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 106    The integrated Ethernet controller is configured for
     Plug and Play in a non-Plug and Play system
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 107    The media test failed.
     The cable from the LAN is not securely connected to the Ethernet
     port on the server. Check the cable to ensure that it is properly
   RPL-ROM-ERR: 110    The integrated Ethernet controller RAM failed the memory test
   E61    Service boot (startup) canceled, that is, the boot diskette
     image was not downloaded from the network
   E62    Cannot initialize controller
   E63    Cannot initialize controller
   E67    Cannot initialize controller
   E6d    Cannot find boot protocol (BOOTP) server
   E6e    Cannot start from downloaded image
   E71    Too many multicast trivial file transfer protocol (MTFTP)
   M10    Address resolution protocol (ARP) canceled by keystroke
   M11    ARP timeout
   M20    Cannot copy memory
   M21    Cannot write to memory
   M22    Cannot write to memory
   M30    Cannot ARP trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP) address
   M31    TFTP cancelled by keystroke
   M32    TFTP open timeout
   M33    Unknown TFTP parameter (operation code)
   M34    TFTP read canceled by keystroke
   M35    TFTP timeout
   M38    Cannot open TFTP connection
   M39    Cannot read from TFTP connection
   M40    BOOTP canceled by keystroke
   M40    DHCP canceled by keystroke
   M41    BOOTP timeout
   M41    DHCP timeout
   M42    No client or server Internet protocol (IP) address
   M43    No boot (startup) file name
   M44    Cannot ARP redirected BOOTP server
   M6f    System is locked. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
   M90    Cannot initialize controller for multicast address
   M91    MTFTP cancelled by keystroke
   M92    MTFTP open timeout
   M93    Unknown MTFTP parameter (operation code)
   M94    MTFTP read canceled by keystroke
   M95    MTFTP timeout
   M96    Cannot ARP MTFTP address
   M98    Cannot open MTFTP connection
   M99    Cannot read from MTFTP connection
   Txx    If you are running a TFTP session to another computer,
     an error message generated by the TFTP session will
     contain a message prefix of Txx

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