Video Memory (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Video Memory


To install video memory:
  1.  Remove both processor boards to allow you to  access the DRAM on the system board. (See 'Processor or Memory Board'.)
  2.  Install the DRAM in the socket:

    1.  Locate the dot -2- on the DRAM.
    2.  Carefully align the dot on the DRAM with the  beveled corner of the video-memory socket -1- on  the system board. (There is also a dot -2- on  the system board at the beveled corner of the  socket to help you align the DRAM correctly.)
    3.  Press the DRAM down firmly into the socket.

  3.  If you are also installing or removing a  microprocessor or memory module kits, do so now,  otherwise, continue with this procedure.
  4.  Reinstall the processor boards and the board-support panel.


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