Memory Board/Memory-Module Kits (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Memory Board/Memory-Module Kits



Several examples of memory module configurations are:

  1.  Use DIMMs that are compatible with Joint  Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) standards.
  2.  The server does not support memory expansion adapters.


  1.  Memory module (DIMM)
  2.  Retaining clip
  3.  Memory-module connector

To install the memory module:
  1.  Place the memory board,. component-side up, on a  flat, static-protective surface.
  2.  Locate the memory-module connectors on the  memory board.
  3.  Touch the static-protective package containing the memory-module kit to any unpainted metal surface on  the server. Then, remove the memory-module kit from the package.
  4.  Install the kit:

      To avoid breaking the retaining clips or damaging  the memory-module connectors, handle the clips gently.

    1.  Start with the lowest-numbered connectors (bank 0).
    2.  Turn the memory module (DIMM) -1- so that the pins align correctly with the memory-board connector.
    3.  Insert the DIMM into the memory-module connector -3- by pressing on one end of the  DIMM and then on the other end of the DIMM. Be sure to press straight into the connector.
    4.  Repeat the preceding step to make sure the DIMM is seated correctly.
    5.  Make sure the retaining clips are in the closed position.
    6.  If a gap exists between the DIMM and the retaining clips -2-, the DIMM has not been  properly installed. In this case, open the retaining clips and remove the DIMM, then, reinsert the DIMM.
    7.  Repeat these steps for each memory module that you install.

      NOTE: To ensure proper server operation, you must  install memory modules in groups of four. All the memory modules installed in a bank  must be the same size, but difterent banks can have different sized memory modules installed.

  5.  Reinstall the memory board and board-support panel.

      When you install the memory board in the server,  be sure that it is completely and correctly seated  in the system-board connector before you apply  power. (The latches on the boards will be  horizontal.) Incomplete insertion might cause  damage to the system board or the memory board.

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