5.25-Inch Removable-Media Drive (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

5.25-Inch Removable-Media Drive

NOTE: The server's EMI integrity and cooling are both protected by having the left front bays covered or occupied. When you install a drive, save the filler panel from the bay, in case you later remove the drive and do not replace it with another.

  1.  Screws
  2.  Filler panel with EMI shield
  3.  Slide rails
  4.  Drive

To install a removable-media drive in one of the left front bays:
  1.  Power-off the server and peripheral devices and  remove the top cover (see 'Cover (Top)'
  2.  Remove the media bay trim bezel, which covers the  screws -1- on the bay filler panels -2-

    1.  Release the two tabs at the bottom edge of the  bezel and pull the bottom of the bezel slightly  away from the server.
    2.  Pull the bezel down to release the two tabs at  the top edge of the bezel. Set the bezel aside.

  3.  Remove the screws -1- and filler panel -2- from the  bay opening. Save the panel and screws for later use.
  4.  Touch the static-protective bag containing the drive to  any unpainted metal surface on the server, then,  remove the drive from the bag and place it on a  static-protective surface.
  5.  Set any jumpers or switches on the drive according to  the documentation that comes with the drive.
  6.  Use screws of the appropriate size and length to  attach a slide rail -3- to each side of the drive -4-

    NOTE: The slide rails and screws are included in the  drive accessory kit that comes with the server.

  7.  Place the drive so that the slide rails engage in the  bay guide rails. Push the drive into the bay and  attach it with the two screws -1- from the filler panel.

     1. Air baffle
     2. Shuttle-support rail
     3. Drive
     4. Opening in shuttle
     5. 4-drop SCSI cable
     6. SCSI ports A and B
     7. Screws
     8. Shuttle

  8.  Loosen the four screws -7- on the shuttle at the back  of the server.
  9.  Pull the shuttle -8- toward the back of the server.
  10.  Observe the way the edges of the air baffle -1- fit  inside the shuttle-support rails -2-, then, slide the air  baffle toward the rear of the server and lift it out of the server.
  11.  If you have not previously done so, install the 4-drop SCSI cable:

    1.  Disconnect the SCSI cable from either SCSI port  A or B -6- on the system board. (SCSI port A is  connected to the hot-swap backplane for the  right bank, Bank A, of hot-swap drives, and SCSI  port B is connected to the hot-swap backplane  for the left bank, Bank B, of hot-swap drives.

      NOTE: If you disconnect the SCSI cable from SCSI  port A, the server will not support drives in  Bank A. If you disconnect the SCSI cable  from SCSI port B, the server will not support drives in Bank B.

    2.  Locate the 4-drop SCSI cable -5-. The 4-drop  SCSI cable is shipped (disconnected) in the  bottom of the server between the open bays and  the power supply area. It is folded and  restrained with a cable clamp.
    3.  Open the cable clamp holding the 4-drop SCSI  cable and route the prefolded cable through the  opening -4- in the front of the shuttle.
    4.  Connect the 4-drop SCSI cable to the vacant  SCSI port -6- on the system (planar) board.

  12.  Connect one of the connectors on the 4-drop SCSI  cable to the back of the drive -3-
  13.  Connect a power cable to the back of the drive.  Power cables for removable-media drives come  installed in the server. The connectors are keyed and  can be inserted only one way.
  14.  If you are installing another 5.25-inch drive, do so at  this time. Otherwise, continue with the next step.

      If the air baffle is not installed correctly, the  server will overheat.

  15.  Install the air baffle -1-. Make certain that the edges  of the air baffle fit inside the shuttle-support rails -2-
  16.  Push the shuttle -8- toward the front of the server  and tighten the four screws -7- at the back of the shuttle.
  17.  Install the bezel that you removed from the removable-media bay area:

    1.  Insert the two tabs on the top of the bezel in the  matching holes on the server.
    2.  Push the bottom of the bezel toward the server  until the two tabs at the bottom of the bezel snap into place.

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