Test Programs (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Test Programs

Use the test (diagnostic) programs to test the IBM components of the system and some external devices. The amount of time required to test all components depends on the number of components. The more optional adapters and devices attached to the system, the longer the testing takes.

If you cannot determine whether a problem is caused by the hardware or by the software, you can run the test programs to confirm that the hardware is working correctly.

The Server diagnostic programs identify most problems associated with the major components of the system. These programs test the system board, hard disk drives, diskette drives, CD-ROM drives, RAM, serial and parallel ports, video adapter, printer, keyboard, and mouse.

Test options let you run groups of tests in a batch, specify parameters to use for each test (for example, video modes, port addresses, and so on), specify the number of passes you want to run (one to continuous), log the test results to a text format file, and save all test settings for future use.

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