About the Test Programs (Server 300-Pxx)

  About the Test Programs

The following is useful information about navigating through the test programs, as well as procedures for starting and stopping them. These programs are designed to test the PC Server 330 Type 8640 Models Pxx. Non-IBM products tested with these programs might present misleading error messages or unexpected system responses. If you want to test a non-IBM product, refer to the information that comes with that product.

You can start the diagnostics program from the Configuration/Setup utility program.

Characteristics of the Diagnostics

Using the System Diagnostics
  1.  Power-on the server and watch the screen. Or, if the system is turned on already, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2.  When the 'Press F1 to enter Configuration/Setup' message appears, press F1. If a  power-on or administrator password is set, the system prompts you for it.
     The Diagnostic/Setup Menu appears.
  3.  Select Diagnostic Utility, then, press Enter
  4.  After a few moments, the Diagnostic Utility Menu appears.

    1.  Select Run Diagnostic to choose which system components to test, and the number of times the server will run the tests.
    2.  Select Diagnostic Log to display the results of the most recent diagnostic tests.

If the server stops during testing and you cannot continue, replace the device that was being tested when the test stopped.

Program Navigation

You can use the following keys to maneuver within the test programs:
Enter    Select an item, runs the test module, or runs the test.
Down Arrow )    Moves the cursor down.
Up Arrow )    Moves the cursor up.
Page Down    Moves to the next error in the Diagnostic Log.
Page Up    Moves to the previous error in the Diagnostic Log.
F1    Displays the appropriate Help information. Use the
     Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to
     scroll through the information. Pressing F1 from within
     a Help screen provides a help index from which you can
     select different categories. Pressing Esc exits Help and
     returns to where you left off.
Esc    Returns to the previous menu.
Tab    Moves the highlighted bar (or cursor) to the test group.

For more information see Running the Diagnostics / Diagnostic Mode

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