Test Programs (Server 300-Pxx)

  Test Programs

Test Programs

The PC Server Diagnostics program includes the diagnostic test programs, which are stored in nonvolatile read-access memory (NVRAM) in the server. These programs are the primary method of testing the system board, memory, and many other options that you can install in the PC Server 330.

You can use the programs to test the IBM components of the system and some external devices. The more optional adapters and devices you have attached to your system, the longer the testing takes.

If you cannot determine whether a problem is caused by the hardware or by the software, you can run the test programs to confirm that the hardware is working correctly.

The PC Server Diagnostics program includes tests that identify most problems associated with major components of your system, such as the serial ports, the video controller, the keyboard and the mouse.

Types of Error Messages

Error messages indicate that a problem exists.

Messages generated by the software generally are text messages, but they also can be numeric. There are four types of error messages:

  1.  POST Error Messages appear when, during startup, POST finds problems with the  hardware or detects a change in the hardware configuration. A list of these error messages is given in 'POST Error Message Table'
  2.  Beep Codes see 'Beep Symptoms'
  3.  Diagnostic Error Messages Diagnostic error messages appear  when a test program finds a problem with a hardware option. Normally, these messages  are text, but they can include an 'alphanumeric identifier'.

     When the diagnostic tests automatically start following a signal from NetFinity, the server saves the  errors in the error buffer. Otherwise, the error messages display on the screen, and can be stored in nonvolatile read-access memory.

  4.  Software-Generated Error Messages These messages appear if a problem or conflict is found by an  application program, the operating system, or both. For an explanation  of these messages, refer to the information that comes with your software package.

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