General Checkout (8640-Pxx)

General Checkout

The ROM based diagnostic program developed by IBM is the primary method of testing the server. Option-specific diagnostic files are supplied with some optional devices and adapters. These files provide a more specialized test of the option. Refer to the documentation supplied with the option for information on installing and running option-specific diagnostics.

Diagnostic error messages appear when a test program finds a problem with a hardware option.

General error messages appear if a problemor conflict is found by an application program, the operating system, or both. For an explanation of these messages refer to the information supplied with that software packages.

A failed system might be part of a shared DASD cluster (two or more systems sharing the same external storage device(s)). Prior to running diagnostics, verify that the failing system is not part of a shared DASD cluster.

A system might be part of a cluster if:

If the failing system is suspect to be part of a shared DASD cluster, all diagnostic tests can be run except diagnostic tests which tests the storage unit (DASD residing in the storage unit) or the storage adapter attached to the storage unit.

  1.  For systems that are part of a shared DASD cluster, run looped one test at a time. Do not run all tests in looped mode, as this  could enable the DASD diagnostic test.
  2.  If you suspect a problem, run the ROM based diagnostic program. Always start with step 001 below. For additional information  about the test programs see 'About the Test Programs'.
  3.  If multiple error codes are displayed, diagnose the first error code displayed.
  4.  If the computer reports a POST error, go to the 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
  5.  If the computer hangs and no error is displayed go to 'Undetermined Problems'.
  6.  If a device cannot be selected from the Module Test menu, that device might be defective.
  7.  Power supply problems, see 'Power Supply Voltages'.
  8.  Unknown Power-on Password, see 'Removing an Unknown Power-on Password'.

  Yes  No |002| Go to Step 004
 +---+    +---+
 Schedule maintenance with the customer. Shut down all systems
 related to the cluster. Run storage test.
 - Power-on the server and watch the screen. Or, if the system is
   already powered-on, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
 - When the message  'Press F1 to enter Configuration/Setup' appears,
   press F1. If a power-om or administrator password is set,
   the system prompts you for it.

The Diagnostic/Setup Utility Menu appears.
- Select Diagnostic Utility, then, press Enter

The Diagnostics Utility Menu appears.
- Select Run Diagnostic, then, press Enter.

The server displays the Diagnostic Mode Menu.

-Press Enter. The test selection menu displays.
-Press the arrow keys to move between the choices on the menu.
-Press Enter to select or deselect the choice.

-Select Run Diagnostics. The diagnostic program then runs the test for each of the selected devices or modules.
-Press Esc twice to return to the Diagnostic Utility Menu.
-Select Diagnostic Log to view the results of the diagnostic tests.

  Yes  No |005| The diagnostic tests completed successfully.
 +---+    +---+
 Go to the 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'

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