Installing Additional Test Programs

  Installing Additional Test Programs

You can add other test programs to the Diagnostic Diskette. These other programs are usually provided on the diskette supplied with a device. After you add the programs to the Diagnostic Diskette, you can include information from the programs in the Test Log.

Before the test programs can find these programs to run as the User Diags test group, information about them must be included in a file called USERDIAG.CFG. This is an ASCII text file. It must include the following three items for each test to run:

  1.  All of the information for a given test must be on a single line, and a  semicolon (,) must separate the items on the line.
  2.  Make sure you press Enter at the  end of each line of text in the USERDIAG.CFG file. This creates a carriage  return line feed (CR LF) which is necessary for the User Diagnostics  to be found and executed.
  3.  If the program executable file is in a directory other than the  root directory (or other directory you have designated to contain the  QA files), that directory must be listed in the PATH= section  of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the QAPlus/PRO diagnostic diskette.
  4.  You can use a .CFG file other than USERDIAG.CFG if you use the  command line 'USRCONFIG=filename ', when running the  diagnostic programs. For example, you might use: QAPLPRO /USRCONFIG=MYTESTS.CFG. 

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