A configuration file is required to configure the server for ISA or EISA adapters. You must copy this configuration file, which has a file-name extension of .CFG , from the device diskette to the EISA Configuration Diskette before installing the device in the server. The configuration file reserves the system resources that the adapter needs to function properly.

Some ISA adapters are supplied with a diskette that contains the .CFG file for the adapter. If ISA adapters are installed that were not supplied with their own CFG files, you must use the PC Server EISA Configuration Diskette for the system you are servicing to create a unique .CFG file for each adapter.

NOTE: The unique .CFG file is system resource sensitive. To use a configured adapter card in another system, the adapter configuration must be cleared. See the instructions that were supplied with the adapter.

To create a unique .CFG file for an ISA adapter, do the following:
  1.  Insert the IBM PC Server EISA Configuration Diskette for the system  you are servicing into diskette drive A.
  2.  Start the configuration utility program.
  3.  At the main menu, select Step 2, Add or remove boards.
  4.  At the next menu, select the slot  in which you installed the adapter.
  5.  At the next screen, select OK.
  6.  At the next screen, press F5 then,  select Create &period.CFG file&period.
  7.  Press Enter&period.
  8.  At the Create a board CFG file screen,  type in the adapter manufacturer and description (for  example IBM Token Ring) then, press Enter&period.
  9.  Refer to the adapter documentation for information about specific  configuration parameters (such as IRQ or DMA channel)  required for the adapter.  Then, follow the instructions on the screen to  enter the appropriate parameters on the menu.


    1.  Normally, ISA adapters do not use  every parameter. Most adapters require only a port address.
    2.  The SVGA video controller in the server requires specific  memory and I/O address assignments to function properly. To  avoid configuration conflicts,  do not assign the following SVGA memory and I/O addresses  to other adapters or options in the server:

      •  Memory address space:
         A000h - C7FFh
      •  I/O address spaces:
         02E0h - 02EFh  03B0h - 03DFh  46E8h

  10.  After you type in  all of the appropriate parameters, press F10&period.
  11.  At the next screen, carefully verify that the information is  correct then, press Enter&period.
  12.  At the Add Confirmation window, press Enter again.
  13.  In the next window (add),  press Enter&period.  The adapter description appears in the selected slot.
  14.  Verify the installation then press F10&period.
  15.  At the next menu,  select Save and exit the configuration utility&period.

NOTE: PCI devices do not  require .CFG files.

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