EISA, ISA, and PCI Adapters

EISA, ISA, and PCI Adapters

Before installing a new device or program, read the documentation supplied with it. Reading the instructions helps you determine the steps required for installation and configuration. The following list provides a preview of the actions that might be required to configure the server.

When installing different types of adapters at the same time, install and configure them in the following sequence:
  1.  ISA
  2.  EISA
  3.  PCI

NOTE: During POST, the server automatically configures PCI devices.
  1.  Run the Setup program and record the current configuration settings.  See 'Recording EISA Configuration Settings'
  2.  Start the EISA Configuration Diskette.  See 'Starting the EISA Configuration Diskette'.
    1.  Record the current settings.
    2.  Install configuration files (.CFG).

      NOTE:   If the .CFG files were not supplied with the adapter, see 'Files'.

  3.  Set jumpers or switches on the server system board.
     See 'System Board Jumpers'.

  4.  Set jumpers or switches on the device. Refer to the  instructions supplied with the adapter.
  5.  Install the adapter in the server.
  6.  Install software programs. Refer to the  installation instructions supplied with the software.
  7.  If necessary, resolve any configuration conflicts.  See 'Configuration Conflicts'

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