Undetermined Problems (Server 315, 330)

Undetermined Problems

You are here because the diagnostic tests did not identify the failure, there is no Devices List, or the system is inoperative.

NOTE: If you suspect a software mismatch is causing failures (solid or intermittent), be sure to see 'Software/Hardware Mismatch Problems'

Check the power supply voltages:

If the voltages are not correct, replace the power supply. If the voltages are correct, return here and do the following:
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Remove or disconnect the following (one at a time) until you find the  failure (power-on the computer and reconfigure each time).

    NOTE:   The minimum operating requirements for the PC Server 315-8638 -or- 330-8640  are:

  3.  Power-on the computer. If the problem remains, suspect the system board,  then the processor board in that order.

NOTE: If the problem goes away when you remove an adapter, and replacing that adapter does not correct the problem, suspect the system board or processor board.

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