Alarm/Wakeup Settings (Server 330)

Alarm/Wakeup Settings

The server can be started manually or at a predefined event. The server enters one of the following states.

Attended mode This is the 'on' state that occurs when you press the power switch from the Standby or Unattended mode. The Power-On Light comes on whenever the server is on.

Unattended mode The server starts at a specified date and time, or when it receives a signal from either serial port. When the server powers on in the Unattended mode, the Unattended Power-On light and the Power-On Light come on.

Standby mode The server is powered down. The automatic restart feature, which enables the server to restart following a momentary power loss, means that the server is never completely powered off.
The server must be in the Standby mode (off) for the Alarm/Wakeup Settings features that you define to take effect.

Select the Alarm/Wakeup Settings choice to enable and disable features that power-on the server automatically.

The result of pressing the power switch varies, depending on which mode the server is in.

To toggle from:

  1.  For proper operation of the Alarm/Wakeup Settings  options, set the Password Prompt choice to Off.
  2.  Set the Wakeup features immediately before you plan to power-off the  server. The server locks and cannot be used after you exit, saving the  settings. When the server restarts, in either Attended or Unattended mode,  the Wakeup features return to the default, disabled, setting.
  3.  When both features are enabled, the server starts when the first  condition (time or signal) occurs.

The Alarm/Wakeup Settings choice appears only on the full Configuration/Setup menu.

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