Using the Configuration/Setup Utility Main Menu

Using the Configuration/Setup Utility Main Menu

The Configuration/Setup utility program Main Menu lets you select settings you want to change.
The Configuration/Setup Utility main menu is similar to the following screen.

Pressing F1 displays Help information for a selected menu item.

NOTE: If you enter only the power-on password and an administrator (supervisor-level) password is also set, a limited version of the menu appears.

To change configuration settings:
  1.  Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) keys to select  the menu item for the configuration setting you want to change.  Selected items are highlighted.
     Press Enter.
  2.  Select the configuration setting you want to change.  Use the Page Up (PgUp) and Page Down (PgDn) keys to scroll through  the menu, if needed.
  3.  Use the Right Arrow (>) or Left Arrow (<) keys  to select the appropriate setting for the selected item.
  4.  Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each setting you want to change.  Press ESC to return to the Configuration/Setup Main Menu.
  5.  After making changes, you can:

  6.  To exit from the Main Menu, select Exit Setup.  The system prompts you to confirm your choice.  You can save your changes and exit, exit without saving your  changes, or return to the Main Menu.

System Summary

Select this choice to display configuration information, including the type and speed of the microprocessor and amount of memory.

Changes that you make to configuration settings appear on this summary screen. You cannot edit the fields.

The System Summary choice appears on the full Configuration/Setup menu and on the limited Configuration/Setup menu.

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