ThinkPad - Common Parts Listing

Common Parts Listing

This section contains FRUs common to most IBM portable, laptop, and notebook computers.

External Diskette Drives
5.25-Inch Diskette Drives:  
   360KB External (4869-001)    72X6759
   360KB External (4869-501)    72X6768
   1.2MB External (4869-002)    15X7993
   1.2MB External (4869-502)    15X7994
Hard Disk Drive.  
   1.2GB HDD (for all 9545)    85G8549
   5.25-Inch Drive Adapter    72X6757
   5.25-Inch Drive Adapter/A    15F7996
   5.25-Inch External Diskette Drive Cable  
   (from system board to adapter)    27F4211
   Diskette Drive Bus Adapter    72X8524

CD-ROM Drives

   Enhanced Internal CD-ROM II Drive  
   (Eject button below slot)    61G1901
   Internal CD-ROM I Drive  
   (Eject button above slot)    81F7930
   Terminator Kit (for 81F7930)    59F3530
   Cleaning Kit (for 81F7930)  
   (Disks, CD Caddy)    59F3562
   Internal CD-ROM II Drive  
   (Eject button below slot)    92F0084
   Terminator Kit (for 92F0084)    92F0082
   Media Kit (for 92F0084)  
   (No cleaning necessary,  
   Test Disk, CD Caddy)    31F4232
   Signal Cable    34F0043
   Power Cable    72X8521
   Remote ID Switch Cable (3510)    92F0086
   Audio Card, Cable, Screws (3510)    92F0085
   CD Caddy    22F9419
   Rail Kit (3510)    34F0041
   Headphones    53F3610

SCSI Adapters, Terminators, Cables

   SCSI Adapter/A (without Cache)    85F0002
   SCSI Internal Cable    64F4127
   SCSI Adapter/A (with Cache)    85F0063
   Terminator, External (for 85F0063)    33F8464
   Terminator, Internal (for 85F0063)    34F0025
   Terminator, Internal (for 85F0002)    57F2870
   SCSI Fast Adapter (16 bit)    92F0330
   SCSI External Cable (for 92F0330)    32G4089
   SCSI Internal Cable (for 92F0330)    32G0084
   Terminator, Inline (space permitting)    92F0412

Rewritable Optical Drives

   3.5-Inch Rewritable Optical Drive    92F0167
   Rewritable Optical Cartridge    38F8647
   Rewritable Optical Cartridge (5 Pack)    38F8646
   Drive Mounting Slide (for 92F0167)    85F0022
   Tray with Bezel (for 92F0167)    85F0021
   Objective Lens Cleaner (for 92F0167)    38F8681
   Prism Lens Cleaner (for 92F0167)    38F8682
   3.5-Inch Enhanced Rewritable Optical Drive    92F0167
   Mounting Tray    92F0269
   Mounting Tray/Bezel (Model 3510)    92F0268

External Keyboard/Mouse

   Keyboard Cable    72X8537
   Mouse    61X8923
   Mouse Ball and Pop-Off Retainer    33F8461
   Mouse Ball and Twist-Off Retainer    33F8462
   Mouse (New Style) (33G5420)    06H4595
   Mouse Retainer Ring    33G5417
   Miniature Mouse    95F5723

Enhanced Keyboards (101/102 Key)

Country    FRU P/N
   Arabic    1391490
   Belgian    1391414
   Canadian French    1392011
   Cyrillic    1393866
   Danish    1391407
   Dutch    1391511
   French    1391402
   German    1391403
   Greek    1393285
   Hebrew    1391408
   Italian    1393395
   Latin American Spanish    1392015
   Norwegian    1391409
   Portuguese    1391410
   Russian/Cyrillic    1395622
   Spanish    1391405
   Swedish/Finnish    1391411
   Swiss    1391412
   Swiss/French    1395881
   Swiss/German    1395882
   Turkish    1393286
   U.K. English    1391406
   U.S. English (E/ME/A use only)    1396790
   U.S. English    1392090
   Yugoslavian    1393669

Optional Enhanced Keyboards (101/102 Key)

   with PS/2 Style Cable    59G7980
   with AT Style Cable    59G7981
   with 25mm PS/2 Trackball    59G7982
   with 25mm Serial Trackball    59G9757

Keybutton Kits (101/102 Key)

   Keybutton Kits (R), Belgian    1392033
   Keybutton Kits (R), Canadian French    1392032
   Keybutton Kits (R), Danish    1392026
   Keybutton Kits (R), Dutch    1392034
   Keybutton Kits (R), French    6447047
   Keybutton Kits (R), German    6447048
   Keybutton Kits (R), Italian    6447049
   Keybutton Kits (R), Norwegian    1392028
   Keybutton Kits (R), Portuguese    1392029
   Keybutton Kits (R), Spanish    6447050
   Keybutton Kits (R), Spanish / Latin    1392035
   Keybutton Kits (R), Swedish    1392030
   Keybutton Kits (R), Swiss / French / German    1392031
   Keybutton Kits (R), U.K. English    6447046
   Keybutton Kits, U.S. English    6447045

Japanese Keyboard Type 2 (106 Key, DBCS Support)

   Japanese Keyboard    94X1110
   Keyboard Cable    94X1147

Space-Saving Keyboards (84/85 Key)

   Canadian French    1396046
   Spanish/Latin    1396047
   U.S. English    1393290
   Cable Assembly, External    1393082

Tools and Miscellaneous

   Audio Wrap Cable    66G5180
   Ethernet BNC T-Connector    84F8207
   Ethernet BNC 50-ohm Terminator  
   (2 required)    85F0037
   Grounding Wire Set    38F4684
   Keyboard Key Cap Removal Tool    6110464
   PC Test Card    33G4703
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598
   SCSI Terminator  
   (any SCSI device, space permitting)    92F0142
   SCSI Terminator Kit  
   (R-PAC Terminator Modules (3) for 40, 60,  
   80, 120, and 160MB SCSI Hard Disk Drives)    92F0143
   Wrap Plug Ethernet D-Shell    85F0036
   Wrap Plug, Tri-Connector    72X8546
   Wrap Plug (6157 Tape Attachment Adapter/A)    4178459
   Wrap Plug (Token-Ring Network Adapter/A)    6165899
   Plastic Envelope (For Wrap Plug)    6138013

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