AC Adapter Checkout (TP 380XD, 385XD, 380Z - 2635)

AC Adapter Checkout

This checkout is used only when the computer fails under ac power.

  1.  Unplug the AC Adapter cable from the computer and measure the output voltage at the cable plug.
     See the following figure:


    Pin Voltage (Vdc)
    1 +15.5 to +17.0
    2 Ground


    1.  If the voltage persists, go to the next step.
    2.  If the voltage is correct, make sure the connection between the DC/DC card  and the system board is not loose.
    3.  Replace the DC/DC card.
    4.  If the problem is not corrected, replace the system board.
    5.  If the problem persists, go to 'Undetermined Problems'.

  2.  Unplug the AC Adapter cable from the ac power outlet and wait 5 minutes or longer  to allow the overvoltage protection circuit to be fully discharged and initialized.
  3.  Plug the AC Adapter cable into the ac power outlet.
  4.  Measure the output voltage of the AC Adapter.
  5.  If the voltage is still not correct, replace the AC Adapter.

NOTE: An audible noise from the AC Adapter does not always indicate a defect.

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