Suspend Mode

Suspend Mode

In suspend mode, the following occurs, in addition to standby mode:

Note: Suspend mode in Windows 98 is called standby mode  in Windows 95.

Events that cause the computer to enter suspend mode:

NOTE: Even if you don't set the low-battery alarm, the charge indicator will let you know that the battery is low, and then the ThinkPad will automatically enter the power-saving mode.
This default low-battery behavior is independent of the operating system, so the computer might behave differently from your setting if you set the low-battery alarm. The computer chooses appropriately between your setting and the default setting.

NOTE: The computer cannot enter suspend mode if it is attached to a docking station.

The following events cause the computer to resume operation from suspend mode:

NOTE: The computer does not accept any event immediately after it enters suspend mode.
Therefore, wait a few seconds before taking any action to reenter operation mode.

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