1200 PCMCIA Slot Assembly (765D-9546 765L-9547)

1200 PCMCIA Slot Assembly

  1.  The system unit serial number must be restored when the system board is replaced. To
  2.  restore the system unit serial number, select the option Set system indetification on the
  3.  maintenance diskette. The EEPROM on the system board contains the vital product data (VPD): the  system unit serial number, system board system number, and other computer-unique data.

    NOTE: Do not power off the computer while restoring the VPD.

     The system unit serial number label is attached to the base cover.

  4.  Before removing and replacing the system board, make sure that all PCMCIA Cards are  removed and the eject levers are not sticking out.
  5.  Do not pull the PCMCIA slot assembly while removing the system board.
  6.  When handling the PCMCIA slot assembly, be careful not to disassemble any part of it. The  slot assembly is not solidly fixed when it is removed from the system board or the FRU.
  7.  Be sure to unlock both ends of the PCMCIA connector before removing the PCMCIA slot assembly  from the system board (2).


When replacing: Move the cable lock upward to insert the cable straight. Then insert the PCMCIA flexible cable straight and push the locks of the cable, then replace the screws. Incorrect connection of the PCMCIA flexible cable can cause PCMCIA errors.


Step Size (quantity) Memo (torque)
1 M2x14 mm (1) Nylon coating (2.5kgcm)

NOTE: Do not reuse (see Screw Kit - FRU P/N) a screw you removed. Use a new screw and tighten the screw to the torque specification shown.

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