1090 Front IR (765D-9546 765L-9547)

1090 Front IR

NOTE: In step 1, lift the switch halway up (1), then pull the switchlever out to remove (2)


  1.  Step 4 is 765-unique. For 765L, skip this step.
  2.  In step 5, push levers gently to avoid flexing them.


Step Size (quantity) Memo (torque)
6 M2.5x6 mm (3) Nylon coating (4kgcm)
7 M2.5x8 mm (4) Flathead (4kgcm)
9 M2.5x4 mm (2) Flathead (4kgcm)

NOTE: Do not reuse (see Screw Kit - FRU P/N) a screw you removed. Use a new screw and tighten the screw to the torque specification shown.

12 Move the front IR unit slightly to disconnect the DIMM adapter card connector.

NOTE: Raise the system board assembly slightly 13 to disconnect the DIMM adapter card in step 14, then remove the DIMM adapter card. Be careful not to damage the IR flexible cable under the DIMM adapter card.. Then remove the IR flexible cable in step 15.


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