Changing a Hard Disk Password

Entering a Hard Disk Password

The procedure to change a hard disk password depends on whether it is set the same as the power-on password.

When the hard disk password is set the same as the power-on password:
  1.  Remove the passwords by following the steps in Removing a Power-On Password  in the users guide.

     This operation removes both the hard disk password and the power-on password.

  2.  In Easy-Setup, set a new hard disk password. See 'Setting a Hard Disk Password'
  3.  If you need a power-on password, set it in Easy-Setup.

When the hard disk password and the power-on password are different,
or a power-on password has not been set:

  1.  Turn off the computer and wait at least 5 seconds, then turn it on.
  2.  If you have set a power-on password, type it, then press Enter
  3.  When the hard disk password prompt appears, type your current hard disk password,  then press the Spacebar
  4.  Type the new  password, then press the Spacebar
      Use no more than 7 characters.
  5.  Type the new  password again to verify it, then press Enter

All the steps can be summarized as follows:

Current  (space)New  (space)New  (Enter)

  Do Not Forget the Hard Disk Password!
Note the password and keep it in a safe place.

If you forget your hard disk password, there is no way to reset your password or recover data from the hard disk. Neither an IBM authorized reseller nor IBM marketing representative can make the hard disk drive usable.

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