Setting a Hard Disk Password

Setting a Hard Disk Password

To set a hard disk password:
  1.  Start Easy-Setup, then select Password

     To start Easy-Setup, press and hold F1 and turn on the computer.

  2.  Select HDD

    NOTE: In the users guide, only the Power-On icon is mentioned.
     However the HDD icon appears on the same panel as the Power-On icon.

  3.  Type the desired hard disk password, then press Enter

     You can use any combination of up to 7 characters. Use a combination
     of any letters or numbers (A to Z, 0 to 9) in uppercase (A) or lowercase (a).
     Uppercase and lowercase letters (for example, A and a) are treated as the same.

    NOTE: When you type a wrong key, use the Backspace key to erase
     it, and then type the correct key.

  4.  Type your hard disk password again to verify it, then press Enter

Do Not Forget The Hard Disk Password!

Note the password and keep it in a save place.

  If you forget your hard disk password, there is no way to reset your password or recover data from the hard disk. Neither an IBM authorized reseller nor IBM marketing representative can make the hard disk drive usable.

Once you set the password, you cannot change or remove it in Easy-Setup, you must change or remove a password at the password prompt screen that appears when you turn on the computer. See 'Changing a Hard Disk Password'.

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