Installing the AudioDrive Support Software for Windows NT

Installing the AudioDrive Support Software for   Windows NT

Using the Audio Driver diskette, you can play back or record the WAVE/MIDI audio function in Windows NT.

The installation instructions for the AudioDrive support software differ depending on the Windows NT version. Follow the instructions for your version.

Installing for Windows NT 3.51 

To install the ESS AudiDrive support software for Windows NT 3.51:
  1.  Start Windows NT and go to Main Click on Control Panel and then Drivers.
  2.  In the Install Driver menu, click on Add... and select Unlisted or Updated Driver
  3.  Specify the drive and path name as A: and select OK
  4.  Select ESS1688 AudioDrive 1.05.01 as the driver and select OK.
  5.  Select the ESS Base I/O address. Usually, select 220, which is the default setting. However, if  you are using the token ring driver, select 240 instead.
  6.  Select OK
  7.  When the installation program prompts you, restart Windows NT to make the change effective.

Installing for Windows NT 4.0 

To install the ESS audio support software for Windows NT 4.0:

  1.  Start Windows NT Workstation.
  2.  Click on My Computer, then click on Control Panel
  3.  Click on Multimedia, then click on Multimedia Properties.
  4.  Click on Devices tab, then click on Add...
  5.  In the Add menu, select Unlisted or Updated Driver, then click on OK
  6.  Insert the Windows NT 4.0 ESS Audio Driver Diskette into the diskette drive.
  7.  Specify the drive and path name as A:\ in the Install Driver menu.
  8.  Select ES1688 AudioDrive 2.00.08 as the driver, then click on OK

      After the driver is installed, a pop-up message appears
      prompting you to restart Windows NT Workstation.

  9.  Restart Windows NT Workstation.

Changing the Default Setting 

If you need to change the default setting of ESS audio resources such as an interrupt level, DMA channel, or I/O base address, make sure that the selected values match those set by the ThinkPad Features program.

The ThinkPad Features program allows you to set the following:

Base I/O address: 220 0r 240 (220 is the default)
Interrupt: 5, 7, or 10 (5 is the default)
DMA channel: 1 or 0 (1 is the default)

To change the default setting, do the following:

  1.  Start Windows NT Workstation.
  2.  Change the default setting using the ThinkPad Features program.
  3.  Shut down and restart Windows NT Workstation.

The Windows NT ESS audio device driver configures the resources you have set in the ThinkPad Features program.

Playback and Recording 

You may be able to record or play back MIDI sounds using Sound Recorder or Media Player, available in the Accessories group. For more information, refer to Microsoft Windows NT Workstation System Guide 

Enabling the Suspend or Resume Function for Audio Driver 

To enable the suspend or resume function for audio driver on Windows NT, you must install the latest Windows NT ThinkPad Feature Program.

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