Installing the ThinkPad Features Program for Windows NT

Installing the ThinkPad Features Program for   Windows NT

NOTE: If you have installed an old version of the ThinkPad Features program and you are running the Fuel-Gauge program, close the Fuel-Gauge program before the installation.

To install the ThinkPad Features program:
  1.  Start Windows NT.
  2.  Insert the ThinkPad Feature Program Diskette for Windows NT into the diskette drive, then  open Windows NT File Manager for Windows NT 3.51 or start Windows NT 4.0 Explorer
  3.  Select Drive A on the File Manager menu.
  4.  Double-click on INSTALLN.EXE.
  5.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

     Have ready the Utility Diskette for DOS, Personalization  diskette.
     When you select Install Personalization Editor on the
     Installation Options menu, you are prompted to insert this diskette.


About the Suspend and Resume Options 

The suspend and resume options are supported under Windows NT after you install the ThinkPad Feature Program.

However, if you try to suspend the computer operating in ac mode, and when a docking station is connected to this computer or when a PC Card is inserted in the computers PCMCIA slot, the computer enters standby mode. This behavior is necessary to avoid such problems as communication link break or failure when the computer is operating in the network environment.

If you set the suspend timer using the power mode settingsof the ThinkPad Feature Program, the computer automatically enters suspend mode when the timer expires without any activity detected by the system. However, if the computer is equipped with a CD-ROM drive and the Autorun feature is enabled, the computer does not enter suspend mode when the timer expires. (In Windows NT 4.0, the default status of the Autorun feature is enabled  in shipped configuration.

In case, if you want to use the suspend timer, disable the Autorun feature of the CD-ROM by setting the following key in the registry:


Change Autorun: 0x1 to Autorun: 0

Using Personalization Editor 

When you finish creating your personal data, you must save it in the ThinkPad Utility Diskette for DOS/Personalization.  Have ready this diskette before using the personalization feature. The Utility Diskette for Windows NT does not contain the function available in the Utility Diskette for DOS/Personalization. , such as the ability to store the personalization data into the computers nonvolatile memory.

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