Checking the Installed Devices List (3547)

Checking the Installed Devices List

If a device is installed but the icon appears in a gray shade rather than a dark shade on the basic diagnostics screen, the device is defective. Reseat the device connectors. If the symptom remains, replace the device or the system board. If needed, adjust the contrast control to clearly distinguish the shades of the icon.

If a device that is not installed appears in a dark shade (for example, FDD-2 appears in a dark shade when NO  second FDD is installed), do the following:
  1.  Replace the first  device in the configuration, such as an FDD-1, HDD-1, or PCMCIA-1.
  2.  If the problem remains, replace the system board.

The PCMCIA-1, Parallel, and Serial icons are always displayed in a dark shade because the icons represent subsystems of the system board and not the attachment of the devices.

The FDD-1, HDD-1, or PCMCIA-1 icons represent the first drive in the system configuration for each type of device. Similarly, the HDD-3, FDD-2, or PCMCIA-2 icons represent the second drive, usually attached through a port replicator or an expansion unit. The HDD-2 icon represents the hard disk drive in the UltraBay.

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