1050 IC DRAM Card or DIMM Adapter

1050 IC DRAM Card or DIMM Adapter

NOTE: One of the following combinations occupies the slot depending on the configuration.

If the IC DRAM Card is installed:

  The IC DRAM card is sensitive to physical shock. Incorrect handling of the card can damage it. The eject tape (P/N 53G9318) must be used to remove the card.

If the DIMM Adapter is installed:
Press both locks at the same time and remove the DIMM.


While holding the strap A, pull the DIMM adapter toward the front to remove it.

  1.  If the IC DRAM cards or the DIMM are not installed and  the base plate is installed instead of these cards,  remove the plate as follows:

    1.  Pinch the projection A on the left side of the plate,  then pull the plate slightly toward the front.
    2.  Raise the rear portion of the plate and remove it.


  2.  When inserting the DIMM into either connector  on the DIMM adapter:

    1.  Locate the triangle A on the right side of the  socket.
    2.  With the notched end of the DIMM B toward the triangle,  insert the DIMM into the socket.
    3.  Pivot the DIMM until it snaps into place.

      If you have another DIMM to install, insert it in the  other socket the same way.


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