ThinkPad Common / Option FRU P/N

Miscellaneous Parts.
   FRU P/N
   AC Adapter (35 W, 3-pin)    85G1952
   For Japan (2-pin)    85G6669
   AC Adapter (40 W, 3-pin)    49G2196
   For Japan (2-pin)    49G2197
   AC Adapter (40 W, 3-pin, U.S. only)  
   (not for 370C)    84G4320
   Foot (right or left)    84G4326
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit  
   (Includes DC-in holder, spacer, warning label)  
   For Models 750x    66G5039
   For Models 355x, 360x, 370C, 755C, 755Cs    84G2254
   PC Card Locking Bar    85G8625
   Screw Kit    66G5124
   10-2.5 x 4 mm, 10-2.5 x 6 mm  
   10-2.5 x 8 mm, Flat head  
   10-2.5 x 8 mm, 10-2.5 x 16 mm  
   10-hex stud I/O, 10-hex stud bus  
   2-washer for hex stud bus)  
   IC DRAM CARD - Eject Tape    53G9318
ThinkPad 370C/755 Memory  
   DIMM Memory Module Adapter  
   (OPT P/N TOMMADP)    84G4322
   4MB DIMM Module (OPT P/N TOMMD04)    84G4323
   8MB DIMM Module (OPT P/N TOMMD08)    84G6545
   16MB DIMM Module (OPT P/N TOMMD16)    85G0193

  1.  When you replace the AC adapter or the Quick Charger with a new one, use the one for the country you are in  even if the system is from different country.
  2.  The warranty for the system unit is not applied to all options.


   FRU P/N
   Audio Cable    66G5180
   Car Battery Adapter  
   ( 48G9203 label sealed)    49G1148
   Car Battery Adapter  
   ( 66G9984 label sealed)    84G4359
   Diskette Drive Attachment Unit    66G5069
   IC DRAM CARD 2MB    07G1414
   IC DRAM CARD 4MB    07G1415
   IC DRAM CARD 8MB    07G1416
   IC DRAM CARD 16MB    66G0094
   Microphone    66G7871
   PS/2 Miniature Mouse    95F5723
   Port Replicator  
   (Model-II 760/765/765L)    66G3575
   Port Replicator with PCMCIA  
   (Model-I 760/765/765L)    66G3574
   Quick Charger (3-pin)    66G2815
   For Japan (2-pin)    66G2816

Model Unique Options

Models 355x, 360x, 370C

   FRU P/N
   4MB IC DRAM CARD (no parity)    84G5724
   8MB Basic IC DRAM CARD (no parity)    84G5725
   16MB IC DRAM CARD (no parity)    84G5726
   Internal Modem Card  
   (U.S./Canada/Latin America)    84G5917
   Telephone Cable  
   (U.S./Canada/Latin America)    84G8254
   Telephone Wall Plug    85G2367

Model 370C

   FRU P/N
   Audio Card    66G5037
   4MB IC DRAM CARD (no parity)    84G5724
   8MB Basic IC DRAM CARD (no parity)    84G5725
   16MB IC DRAM CARD (no parity    84G5726
   Diskette Drive (4-mode)  
   Supported in U.S. only.    66G5060

Model 750x

   FRU P/N
   AC Adapter (35 W, 3-pin)    85G1952
   For Japan (2-pin)    85G6669
   AC Adapter (40 W, 3-pin, U.S. only)    84G4320
   AC Adapter (40 W, 3-pin)    49G2196
   For Japan (2-pin)    49G2197

Model 755C, 755Cs

   FRU P/N
   DIMM 4MB    84G4323
   DIMM 8MB    84G6545
   DIMM 16MB    84G4324
   DIMM Adapter Card    84G4322
   Diskette Drive (4-mode)  
   Supported in U.S. only.    66G5060

Numeric Keypad

   FRU P/N
   Belgian    95F5741
   Canadian French    95F5466
   Danish    95F5467
   Dutch    95F5467
   French    95F6313
   German    95F6314
   Greek    95F5467
   Hebrew    95F5741
   Icelandic    95F5467
   Italian    95F6316
   Japanese    79F6401
   Norwegian    95F5467
   Spanish    95F6315
   Swedish/Finnish    95F5468
   Swiss/French    95F5711
   Swiss/German    95F5715
   Turkish    95F5467
   U.K. English    95F5741
   U.S. English    95F5741


   FRU P/N
   Keyboard/Mouse Cable    54G0444


   FRU P/N
   Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PC Test Card    35G4703
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598
   ThinkPad 750Ce    82G3891
   Hardware Maintenance Diskette  
   (This diskette is common for  
   all models of ThinkPad.)  

Power Cords


  Use the power cord certified for your country.

Ref. Country 30/40W 35W
1 Colombia, U.S., Venezuela 13F9959 25H2207
1 Japan, 2-pin 6454377 85G6665
1 Japan, 3-pin 65F0031  
2 Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K. 14F0033 25H2215
3 France, Germany, Spain 13F9979 25H2209
4 Italy 14F0069 25H2223
5 Australia, New Zealand 13F9940 25H2205
6 Denmark 13F9997 25H2211
7 Israel 14F0087 25H2225
8 Bangladesh, Pakistan,
Sri Lanka, South Africa
14F0015 25H2213
9 Switzerland 14F0051 25H2221
10 Thailand 1838574 25H2219


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