1130 PCMCIA Slot Assembly

1130 PCMCIA Slot Assembly

The system board can be damaged if the lower shield touches the system board components. Carefully follow the next instruction.

In step 4, gradually raise the system board from the lower shield until all the components of the system board just clear the tabs of the lower shield. Be careful not to raise it too far. While keeping the clearance to a minimum, separate the system board from the lower shield by moving the system board straight forward as shown by step 2


  1.   When handling the PCMCIA slot assembly,  be careful not to disassemble any part of it.  The slot assembly is not solidly fixed when it is removed from the  system board or the FRU.
  2.  The screw stand-off located each corner of  the PCMCIA slot, is easy to remove.  Make sure that the screw stand-off is positioned when replacing  the slot. Do not replace the slot without the screw stand.

Use the following table for reference when replacing parts.

Step Location (Quantity) Length
1 PCMCIA slot, upper (2) 12 mm
2 PCMCIA slot, lower (2) 14 mm

NOTE: Make sure you use the correct screw. Screw Size Chart

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