1120 System Board Assembly

1120 System Board Assembly

  The EEPROM on the system board contains the vital product data (VPD), that is, system unit serial number, system board serial number, and other computer unique data. When the system board is replaced, the system unit serial number must also be restored. Use the Set system identification utility on the maintenance diskette to restore the number.

Do not power-off the computer when restoring the VPD.
The serial number label is attached to the bottom cover.

  1.  Before removing and replacing the system board, make sure that the  PCMCIA  cards are removed and the eject levers are not sticking out.
  2.  When replacing  the system board assembly, align the power-key slide  hub with the power-switch actuator by moving the power-key in  the direction of the arrow.  See the large circle in the figure.  Before tightening  any screws, check that the power-switch operates correctly.
  3.  Do not pull the PCMCIA slot assembly while removing the system board.

Use the following table for reference when replacing parts.

Step Location (Quantity) Length
1 Hinge bracket (4) 4 mm
2 Base cover, lower shield (1) 4 mm

NOTE: Make sure you use the correct screw. Screw Size Chart

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