1090 Speaker Shield Assembly

1090 Speaker Shield Assembly

1095 Interposer Card

Carefully remove any metal particles that might have flaked off. Be careful not to damage it with a screwdrivers, screws, or other objects.

2 When replacing the speaker shield, insert it under the projection at the left, rear corner of the computer base.

NOTE: The shaded part in the figure is attached to the speaker shield assembly with light adhesive. This is a separate FRU from the speaker shield assembly.

3 When raising the speaker shield assembly, make sure that the shield assembly does not hook the three flexible cables of the keyboard.

For Model 360, gently raise the speaker shield assembly to avoid damaging the speaker cable. (For Models 355 and 355Cs, skip step 3, the speaker cable has already been removed.)

Use the following table for reference when replacing parts.

Step Location (Quantity) Length
1a Speaker shield (1) 4 mm
1b Hard disk drive connector (2) 6 mm
1c System board (1) 16 mm
1d System board, spacer (1) 16 mm

NOTE: Make sure you use the correct screw. Screw Size Chart


Verify that the spacer 1d is in the correct position.
2 is a shield for radio frequency interference.

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