1070 LCD Assembly

1070 LCD Assembly


1 When replacing the LCD ground-terminal screw, do not pull or push the LCD cables.
2 When removing the LCD cables, pull the connector straight up. Incorrect handling can damage the connector.

NOTE: For the color model, make sure the indicator does not hook the most right LCD connector when replacing the status indicator.

3 Remove the screw.
4 Remove the right hinge cover.
5 When removing the left hinge cover, use a small screwdriver as shown to release the latch from the rear base cover. Pull the hinge cover slightly upward to keep it unlatched.
6 From the front side, remove the latch with a small screwdriver as shown to remove the cover. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the computer when you use a screwdriver to remove the latches.
7 Remove the four screws.

Use the following table for reference when replacing parts.

Step Location (Quantity) Length
1 LCD ground-terminal (1) 4 mm
3 LCD hinge cover, right (1) 4 mm
7 LCD hinge (4) 4 mm

NOTE: Make sure you use the correct screw. Screw Size Chart

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Caring for the LCD

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