Pen and Digitizer Checkout

Pen and Digitizer Checkout (360P, 360PE, 750P)

To check the stylus pen and digitizer, do the following.

  1.  Press and hold the F1 key.
  2.  Power-on the computer to go to Easy-Setup screen.
  3.  Select Test by using the stylus pen.
  4.  If the test menu appears, the pen and digitizer  are operating correctly.
  5.  If the test menu does not appear, do the following.

    1.  Do the 'Digitizer Adjustment' (described below)
    2.  If the problem remains, replace the stylus pen.
    3.  If the problem still remains after step 6 in the adjustment,  replace the LCD assembly.

Digitizer Adjustment

Adjust the pen-point pressure when:

Do the following:
  1.  Press and hold the F1 key, then power-on the computer  to go to the Easy-Setup menu.
  2.  Press Ctrl+P. The following Pen  icon appears on the screen.

  3.  Open the LCD all the way to 180 degrees. (Do not convert it into  the tablet-style notebook.)
  4.  Select the pen icon by moving the cursor on the  icon and clicking it.  Without applying any pressure on the screen,  hold the stylus pen so it stands on the screen,  then press Enter.

    NOTE: The pressure on the screen should only be from the weight of the stylus pen.

  5.  Restart the system.

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