Passwords - Reset Pushbutton

  Passwords - Reset Pushbutton

The Pass words are security features that are used to protect the system and the hard disk data from unauthorized access.

There are three types of passwords as follows:

No overriding is provided. Obtaining permission from the password owner to unlock the password is a prerequisite for running diagnostic tests and performing maintenance service.
See 'Password Combinations' for more information about passwords.

How to Disable the Power-On Password:
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Open the keyboard and remove the battery pack and the diskette  drive.
  3.  Remove the attachment holder.

  4.  Install a jumper on the power-on password connector -1- at  bottom left side of the system board.

  5.  Reinstall the diskette drive and the battery pack.
  6.  Power-on the computer and wait until the POST ends.
  7.  Verify that the password prompt does not appear.
  8.  After the service check is completed, remove the jumper.

To reactivate the password, set the password again.

Reset Pushbutton

The reset pushbutton resets the system regardless of the microcode status and forces power to be powered-off.
Use this pushbutton to power-off when power is not completely off or the microcode is in a hung state. See 'System Board (Top View)' for the location of the pushbutton.

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