Read this First

Read This First

Service for U. S. and Canada 
In the U. S. and Canada, the ThinkPad 370C and ThinkPad 360PE are serviced only through EasyServe.

This hardware maintenance manual covers information about the following IBM ThinkPad models

When information affects only a specific model, the model number is shown in parenthesis in the heading or is explained in the text. Before you go to the checkout guide, be sure to read this section.

The servicer must include the following in the parts exchange form or part return form that is attached to the returned FRU.
  1.  Name and phone number of servicer.
  2.  Date of service.
  3.  Date when part failed.
  4.  Date of purchase.
  5.  Failure symptoms, error codes appearing on display,  and beep symptoms.
  6.  Procedure index and page number in which failing FRU was detected.
  7.  Failing FRU name and part number.
  8.  Machine type, model number, and serial number.
  9.  Customer's name and address.

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