Common / Option Parts List 701C / 701CS (2630)

Common / Option Parts List 701C / 701CS (2630)
Miscellaneous Parts
   FRU P/N
   AC Adapter  
   For Americas and Japan    04H6903
   For Worldwide Use    04H6904
   Screw Kit    04H8330
   (Incl. the following TORX screws)  
   2. Nuts (2)  
   M2.5 x 6 mm (9)  
   M2.5 x 8.4 mm (4)  
   M2.5 x 10 mm (1)  
   M1 x 3 mm (4)  
   M2.5 x 7.5 mm (4)  
   M2.5 x 8 mm (3)  
   M2.5 x 5 mm (2)  
   M2 x 8 mm (2)  
   M2.5 x 16 mm (1)  
   TrackPoint III Cover    04H8387


  1.  When you replace the AC adapter with a new one,  use the one for the country you are in  even if the system is from a different country.
  2.  The warranty for the system unit does not apply to all options.

   FRU P/N
   Memory 70ns, 3.3v, nonparity, self-refresh DIMM  
   Memory SO-DIMM 4MB    92G7260
   Memory SO-DIMM 8MB    92G7262
   Memory SO-DIMM 16MB    92G7264
   AC Adapter (U.S.)    04H6903
   360MB Hard Disk Drive    04H6829
   540MB Hard Disk Drive    04H6830
   720MB Hard Disk Drive    25H4873
   Dock II Adapter Card    04H8353

   FRU P/N
   Standard Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PCMCIA (PC Test Card)    35G4680
   Standard Audio Wrap Cable    66G5180
   Standard Screwdriver Kit    95F3598
   TORX T1 Screwdriver    10H4156
   TORX T6 Screwdriver    10H4157

The TORX Screwdriver order can also be done to:
TORQUELEADER  M.H.H. Engineering Co.Ltd.
Tel:44(0)1483 892772 Fax:44(0)1483 898555

MIN FH BLUE / Stock Number 015200
MIN FH GREEN / Stock Number 015220
MIN FH RED / Stock Number 015240
MIN FH GOLD / Stock Number 015260
TLS022 1/4 FH / Stock Number 015080

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