Running the Low-Level Format

Running the Low-Level Format

Perform the following steps to format the hard disk:

  All data and formatting on the disk will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.
Have the user make a backup copy of all information on the hard disk that should be saved.
Make sure that a bootable diskette is available.
Make sure that the drive address to be formatted is correct.

Use either the TrackPoint III or the cursor movement keys to interact with the tests. When asked for an OK response, press Enter or select the OK button.
  1.  Power-off the computer, and then power it on again.

     Press the F1 key any time  while the POST memory count is proceeding.  When the memory test is completed, the Easy-Setup screen screen appears.

  2.  Select Test and press Enter.
  3.  Press Ctrl+A to enter  advanced diagnostics.
  4.  Press Ctrl+F. The Format icon appears  at the top of the advanced diagnostics screen.
  5.  Select the Format icon and press Enter.
  6.  Select the hard disk to be formatted and press Enter.
  7.  A confirmation screen appears, showing the number of cylinders,  heads, and sectors on the hard disk.
  8.  Press Esc to exit the low-level format screen  without formatting the hard disk.
  9.  Press Enter to begin the  low-level format of the hard disk.  When the low-level format is completed,  the advanced diagnostics screen is displayed.
  10.  When you restart the computer,  a graphic message is displayed at the end of POST, requesting  that you insert a bootable diskette into the diskette drive  and press F1 to resume operation.

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